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I’m so glad you’re here!


Start thinking of Lady & the Dachshund as your personal guide to having the life you have always dreamed of. Next, think of me as your guide to all things home, health, happiness, and success! Together we will learn to make the most of the lives we live.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look around! Let’s start working towards loving your everyday life. After all, I believe you can have it all!

C’mon, join me!


I believe that happy people are the best kind of people. Lady & the Dachshund is all about helping you to be the best version of yourself! That is accomplished with teaching you all kinds of tips on home, health, success, and happiness!

I will help you to make your home a place of comfort.  You’ll learn to love your body and help it be healthier than ever. My tips for success will help you crush your goals.

Most importantly, you’ll learn to be happy. Ridiculously happy. 


Hey Ya'll, I'm Britney!

It is so wonderful to finally meet you! I am the writer, life coach, and dash of crazy behind Lady & the Dachshund. I have a serious “don’t take no for an answer” attitude and plan to teach you the same!

Being a mixture of old-lady tendencies, giggles, determination, and bit of sass, I hope to make this journey one that you look forward to being on. Because if it isn’t fun, it isn’t really making you happy!

If you haven’t read my story on just why Lady & the Dachshund means so much to me, click the button below to read more.

Now, I don’t mean perfect.


No one is perfect. We all come with quirks! The trick to being satisfied with your life is acknowledging that there will still be bad days, embarrassing moments, and hardships. The difference is all in how you handle it and bounce back!

The tough times are when I really love the Happiness section of this site! However; you might be more into home DIYs, fitness workouts, or starting a new business to relieve your stresses. Regardless of what lifts your spirits, you can find it here! So grab a glass of wine, toss your favorite throw over your lap, and get to exploring!

You deserve to have a life you love. Lady & the Dachshund if here to help you achieve just that!

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